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Her PhD. thesis is examining the relationship between IT implementation and performance with manufacturing flexibility based on a sample drawn from a set of manufacturing firms. This research proves a significant positive and direct effect of IT implementation on operations performance with different flexibility dimensions. This research proves a significant positive and direct effect of IT implementation on operations performance.

Esther Caracuel PhD. Student. Manager at Portinox (Spain)


In this thesis, an extensive literature review has been performed in order to design, develop and implement a system that includes Gamification techniques based on an educational research project at the University of Granada. The system design is also based on a game, containing a points system that motivates students, fostering competitiveness between them to achieve higher academic performance.

Juan Carlos Fernández Zamora Telefónica PhD. Student


In his PhD. thesis, the entrepreneurial attitude of high school students is analyzed on the basis of the EAO (Entrepreneurship Attitude Orientation) scale through the participation of students on a gamified business simulation. Results have been obtained through a specific experience of gamified business simulation for students from different high schools of the province of Granada (Spain). A significant positive relationships is found between simulation and Entrepreneurship Orientation.

Ruslan Djundubaev PhD. Student


His PhD. thesis is related to healthcare systems which are relying in the implementation of Information and communication technologies (ICTs). ICTs goals are mainly to overcome difficulties and satisfy patients’ demands in a cost-effective way adopting new technologies capable to innovate, extend, and redefine the way healthcare has been delivered for decades.

Sarfaraz Ghulam
Sarfaraz Ghulam Sarfaraz Ghulam - PhD. Student -Assist. Professor SRH Hochschule Berlin


The purpose of his PhD. is to analyze the relationship between the
advanced manufacturing technologies and process innovation in companies, in order to find out their real ability to generate added value. One important contribution to the literature is that this research considers different kinds of innovations –in product, in process, in marketing, and in organizational methods- and also their novelty degree.

Gustavo Bautista Carrillo PhD. Student. Associate Professor Universidad Complutense de Madrid


The central theme of his PhD. thesis is the management of cultural diversity and involvement in innovation strategies. This topic is part of the areas of international management (International Management), intercultural management (Cross Cultural Management) and innovation and knowledge management (innovation and knowledge management), all the main areas of action and object of study of science economic and business.

Luis Toro Dupuy
Luis Toro Dupouy Luis Toro Dupouy - PhD. Student and EAE Lecturer

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